What is Social? Why it is important?

Did you know that you were 95% of people are more likely to purchase goods and services recommended by friends and family then if they were subjected to normal marketing tactics? Ninety-five percent, I know, crazy! Right?

Word of mouth is not dead; it has just evolved – Digitally. Imagine the social networks, as your Marketing and PR teams. They allow you to hear the voices of your customers and what is important to them, which if utilized effectively, can earn you not only repeat, but new business as well.

How? That’s easy. Ever see something so great, that you wanted to run and tell your friends? Exactly! We are social creatures (no disrespect) we urge to share ideas, products, passions, and knowledge with each other.

Social Media is the monkey wrench of marketing tools; Weather we want to create awareness for a brand, gather support for a cause or share products, information, and ideas. We can target precisely or blanket a large area to effectively get your message out there.

Social Media Marketing doesn’t stop at getting followers or likes for pictures. You have to create great content… Sound familiar? We create encompassing SMM strategies that will strengthen your brand in the digital market space and grow your share of voice in search. As well as promote your business, ideas and interact with customers, in a compelling manner.