Gurwinder Singh

What I Do?

I specialize in design, branding, website design, SEO, SEM, PPC and Social Media Marketing. Our team of experts develops a strategy to reach your targeted audience, goals. Leveraging new technologies, best practices, and ethics we design, code and market your business to millions who have a need that you can fulfill. This is good business!

You are trying to stand apart from competition and attract new customers, we are here to help.

How I do It?

The Internet has changed the face of commerce. Your digital footprint is equivalent to having a great storefront location. It has given John who makes custom furniture from his shop in a small town Ohio the ability to connect with millions of people all over the world. Growing his reach from 80,000 people who live locally to millions who live around the world.

You are trying to stand apart from competition and attract new customers, we are here to help.

Why I do It?

I believe in business. Everyone has the right to the American Dream! Thousands of businesses start every day in the US, with normal people who want to make a living doing what they love, pursuing their passion. Yet 95% of these businesses fail in their first year. Weather due to poor management, poor financial planning, or not being able to link their product or services to the people who need or want them.

I would like you to know how pleased I am with the extra effort taken by Gurwinder Singh. Through his impressive knowledge, professionalism and his ability to make myself feel confident in the services we offer and helped me find new opportunities for our business to grow.

We only contacted Gee for a website but found myself learning new ways to bring in business with SEO and Local Listings. I truly feel his intentions are to watch us grow and succeed.

Tishawn JenkinsCEO - United Security

As the owner of my company, I had very high expectations for the type of website I wanted to create. I was very pleased with the work done. He worked very hard to create what I had envisioned for our company’s website.

Not only is Gee very knowledgeable and efficient in his work, but he also offered his suggestions and creative ideas time and time again throughout the process of adding numerous pages and features to our website.

I was very impressed with the quality of work, customer care, and attention to detail. I will surely refer them to any business associates who are looking for quality web designers!

Erin LindseyOwner - Calvin Hibbert Exterminating

I’ve had the privilege of working with Gurwinder on a few projects. I have known Gurwinder to be a well-grounded and down to earth person who's knowledge and understanding of SEO, SEM and PPC advertising have been proven to generate results.

Managing multiple projects, monitoring web analytics and generating traffic towards websites have been all tracked and accounted for. I found his ability to generate results and increase visibility an incredible value in working with him, as it allows him (and for those who work with him) the ability to explore and understand nearly all possible perspectives to an idea and its numerous applications. He is an hard worker and value creator in the truest sense.

Gian GallaniOwner -